P-520: WWII & Korean War Crashboat


P520s last trip of the 2021 season ended in St.Michaels Maryland docked at the Chesapeake bay maritime museum in November. On the trip we had a gentleman join us who's father served aboard the crashboats during WW2 and Korea. It was an emotional trip as Charlie had grown up around these boats and remembered them fondly. Charlie despite fowl weather an rough seas remained on the fly bridge the entire trip. After 4 hours we arrived at the museum mostly without incident our generators fuel pump went bad which was promptly replaced. Once docked we were met by Charlie's wife. Who than had the crew follow to the car where Charlie showed us a model his father had built from memory of a crashboat he served aboard, we were also presented with a copy of the original manual for the 85 foot crashboats to keep aboard the 520. President Lewis Palmer asked Charlie if he would do an honor for the crew and sign our starboard engine supercharger in his father's name. This would be an emotional point on-board. After Charlie disembarked the crew would go on giving tours the entire weekend including a wedding that was taking place Saturday evening on the museum grounds. This would conclude P520s 2021 season before her repair haul out in early 2022. Charlie's father built this large model by hand an memory. It was right down to even having toilets an pipes running in correct areas.

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U.S.A.A.F. P-520
WWII & Korean War US Army Air Force Crashboat